Education is a dynamic
force paving
a path for
national growth.


The school emblem comprises of the Bible, the cross, a heart and a burning lamp, and the inscription "Grow in love and knowledge" all put in a circle.

The Bible: St. Augustine school is a catholic institution and here we follow the teaching of Jesus Christ namely the compassionate love and forgiveness of Jesus lived and shown to us in the Bible. We encourage students to practice love, compassion and forgiveness that they be better human beings in the society.

The cross: It is the universal symbol of all Christians who follow Jesus Christ who showed the depth of his love through dying on the cross for us. To become small is not easy. Only those who are great can become small.

A heart: Heart is the symbol of love as well as centre of all our emotions. We are people called to love all without any discrimination.

A burning lamp: Light removes darkness. So education should free us from the darkness of ignorance and lead us to light.

Inscription-Grow in love and knowledge: Even if one may possess the whole world or has the highest academic achievements if he/she does not have love in the heart she/he will eventually find life void and meaningless. Therefore St. Augustine school has the motto that her students as they increase in their knowledge they should also develop their ability to love all and care for everyone without discrimination. What makes a man/ woman a human being is not the degree in education rather education received for life.

Circle: It is a symbol of unity. With the opportunities given to a student in St. Augustine school for the all round development he/she will be a better citizen to live with in the society.