Education is a dynamic
force paving
a path for
national growth.

Principal Message
To Succeed in Life, it is important that all of us learn to convert adversities into opportunities.

As the Principal of St.Augustine school,Punasa, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve such an outstanding community. It is my desire to work with the areas of this people, students and the staff to continue to foster a strong sense of community in order to increase student's achievements.

From the varied experiences throughout my career, I have learned that the best method to increase and maintain the high students' achievement is to foster the development of a strong school community where the principal, staff, and parents collaborate in order to best meet the needs of their students.

I truly believe strong partnership between parents and staff leads to academic success for all students. Therefore I invite you to visit our school website and to actively participate in your children's education. This participation may come in variety of forms by attending school wide events and communicating questions or concerning to school management.

Dear students , as students you naturally face a lot of adversities in your academic life such as tough subjects, examination challenges, severe competition , difficulty in understanding, lack of concentration etc. Strive to convert such adversities into opportunities. This will help you to achieve your academic and personal goals.


Sr. Siji Manuel