Education is a dynamic
force paving
a path for
national growth.

To inculcate and nurture in the 'architects of tomorrow'

  • Love for mankind
  • Capability and desire to add value t society.
  • Responsibility towards self, family and society.
  • Sensitivity to national and international concerns.

Every student passing out of this school must have grown in his/her sense of the divine, respect for human life, compassion for the poor, concern for justice awareness of oppressive social structure and commitment to help to build a better human society.

Therefore the school aims at :

  • The fullest development of the student's God given talents.
  • Sound inellectual growth enabling reflective, logical and critical reasoning.
  • Developing the communicative skills.
  • Attitudinal formation of values of respect, love and service.
  • Development of sense of self-worth (reasistic, knowledge, love and acceptance of self) and to become a reasonable individual within human community.
  • Development of an ability to critically assess the reality, the values and trends of the society, honestly confronting social injustices of racism and religious intolerance, violation of human rights, and the problems of the socially marginalized.
  • To cherish community values and learn to live harmoniously in the society.
  • To develop a spiritual vision of the face of materialism, concern for other in the face of egoism and simplicity in the face of consumerism.