Education is a dynamic
force paving
a path for
national growth.

Welcome to our school
Education is the single most important means by which the children could achieve personal objectives, build up capacity levels, overcome barrios and facilitate a better life for themselves, who are the constructors of the future Nation.

St.Augustine high School Punasa, Khandwa aims at the total development and integration of the Tribal students,to bring them to the mainstream preserving their distinct social, cultural and religious beliefs.

St.Augustine English medium School at Punasa was opened on 14th July 1993 at the request of the head of the NHDC for the education of the children of their staffs.

Later as the Sisters read the signs of the times, identifying the needs of the local society, to make the educational service available for all,they Instituted a Hindi medium School in the same building for the education and upliftment of the Tribal students of this area .This School was recognized by the M.P Board of education, Bhopal in the year 1999. We admit children from Nursery to tenth class.

As the local society gradually felt the need and benefit of the quality education they started requesting for CBSE Syllabus School. In the year 2013 we started CBSE patterned School with 877 students. We are proud of our School's achievements such as disciplined students, committed teachers, a core group of committee members comprised of selected teachers and parents to support and cooperate in making decisions and implement them with the administration to run the Institution smoothly.

Internal facilities such as Offices for the Principal, Clerk, staff room, fees counter, class rooms, smart classes, and computer class with computers. Activity room, composite Lab, Auditorium, large play ground, prepared for Basket ball, Cricket, Volley ball, Kho Kho, Kabady, Athletics, Badminton, Races, Physical Training, Yoga, Scout guide, March fast.etc. We have experienced Physical education teachers to guide the students. Our children have come up to the top in District in Athletics, Kho kho, Badminton, Scout pyramid and they were recommended for the state level. Good number of our students have come up to the mainstream of the Society and St.Augustine School is proud of them.

We are so grateful to our God Almighty for His inspiration and answering our prayers for the school, specially in moments of crisis. Trusting in him His merciful care and support we go forward shouldering the educational ministry we are in.